Make a pledge to build a new church and we will dedicate the church in your name or in honor of a loved one

Make a pledge to build a church within the next 12 months sending funds each month for a total donation of $10,000 (the building will start once your donation reaches $3,500) Your donation of $10,000 provides the materials needed to build a permanent brick structure 50’ x 30’ with cement flooring, windows and doors. These buildings accommodate approximately 400 people for worship services and a provide a place for education. All gifts are used in their entirety for the designated purpose. A complete accounting will be sent to each donor.

Tumaini Baptist church

Pastor Moss. Kakamega.

Fully Funded Under Construction

Norway Endebess Baptist church

Pastor Stephen Wanyonyi. Transnzoia.

Fully Funded Under Construction

Bethany Saboti Baptist church

Pastor Bernad Simiyu. Transnzoia.

Fully Funded Under Construction

The Ezra Project | 12 Churches in 12 Months

Help us reach our goal to build 12 churches this year! Uttermost Ministries seeks to spread the Word through missions around the world, empowering the lives, dreams, hopes and talents of the people we serve so that God may be glorified. As Dr Ron continues his passion for evangelistic missions after his retirement from his local church, Uttermost Ministries.

1. Mt Emmaus Baptist church

Pastor Mourice Mwanja. Transnzoia.
Fully Funded Under Construction

2. Joy Baptist church

Pastor Justus Simiyu. Kakamega.
Fully Funded Under Construction

3. Likuyani Baptist church

Pastor Johnstone Jomo. Kakamega.

4. Marambachi Baptist church

Pastor Alfunse kisiero. Transnzoia

5. Lukhome Baptist church

Pastor Fred lukhale. Transnzoia

6. Trinity Baptist church

Pastor Julius Ngugi. Transnzoia

7. Chepchoina Baptist church

Pastor Joshua Rumbe. Transnzoia

8. Mengo Baptist church

Pastor Paul Wafula. Transnzoia

9. Kolongolo Baptist church

Pastor Saimon Maina. Transnzoia

10. Ebenezer Baptist church

Pastor samwel Ombosolo. Transnzoia

11. Praise Baptist church

Pastor Benard vulimo. Kakamega

12. Ngobolele Baptist church

Pastor samwel Ombosolo. Transnzoia

And The Lord said, Where is the house you have built for me? - Isaiah 66:1

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